I recently met with a developer who owns his own company  doing different projects around town. It was great conversation and idea sharing. We began to talk about different areas of IT and our ideas of what was new and up and coming.

One of the subjects we were talking about was mobile development. I think everyone knows that this is an area that is defiantly growing. If you are familiar with the different stages of technology growth, mobile development is somewhere in between the adoption and adaption stage. Companies are beginning to see the value in these applications and start allocating resources to take it to the next level. This brought us to another topic, The Cloud.

What is the Cloud?  Companies like Amazon promote and market their cloud system, and the appeal is that you can essentially backup what is on your computer, or on your server at work. Some companies are moving solely to the cloud for storage. To the average user it is this magical area in space that you can put stuff and not have to worry about it.

Here is what you have to understand about the cloud, it isn’t a mythical black hole wear stuff just sits. To have a cloud you have a data center with servers. It is simply a convenient way to store data, files, etc on someone else’s network. Now, the question that I think needs to be asked and/or discussed is around security. How are you staying ahead of hackers? What kind of firewall are you using? What does your down time look like? What is your disaster recovery plan? You can build a huge brick wall around your town, but what about that laser that can burn through brick?

With the cloud idea moving so fast coupled with large amounts of breaches in security by hackers, these are some legitimate things to think about. The security company that can quickly and effectively adapt will come out on top.  Security has always been an important business, but with the sophistication of hackers now a days it plays an even more important role.